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Privacy Policy


Welcome to the Hengchun Airport Website! The Website takes your privacy seriously and we do our best to protect it. To help you understand your online privacy rights at the Hengchun Airport Website, please read the following privacy policy carefully:

What this Privacy Policy Covers

This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, use and protection of all personal information when you connect to the Hengchun Airport Website. It does not apply to the websites of other organizations linked to by our website. All websites linked to by the Hengchun Airport  Website have their own privacy policies and we take no responsibility for their content. When you connect to these websites, their own privacy policy applies to the protection of your personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

Simply browsing or downloading files from the Hengchun Airport  Website does not result in the collection of any personally identifiable information.

 It is the responsibility of the Hengchun Airport Website to protect the privacy of each applicant. We will not edit or delete any information posted to the Forum except in the following circumstances:

  • i. The material is in violation of Website rules, such as insulting language or personal attacks.
  • ii. To protect the rights or copyrights of individuals.
  • iii. To protect the interests of Website units.

The Hengchun Airport Airport will, under no circumstances, either sell, exchange or lease your personal details to other groups, individuals or private enterprises except under the following circumstances:

  • i. When required during the course of an investigation by law enforcement authorities.
  • ii. When required during the course of official business conducted by a duly authorized agency.
  • iii. When the information is provided in good faith due to legal requirements or used in Website management for the purpose of maintaining and improving Website services.

When referencing information from the Kaohsiung International Airport Website, please note the following:

The copyright of all information (including graphics and text) on the Hengchun Airport Website belongs to the Kaohsiung International Airport (excluding the external websites linked to by the Hengchun Airport Website).