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Kenting National Park is the most famous tourist spot in Pingtung and also the most-frequently visited national park, with over 4 million visitors per year (based on Kenting National Park Statistics 2019).  

Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards, the needs for travel and recreation have increased and the number of tourists to Hengchun area has also increased.

Currently, visitors to Kenting have to arrive first at Zuoying Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway and take a 2 hours bus ride or longer through Zuoying to Kenting. If transfer car from Hengchun Airport, which is only 10 minutes from the well-known National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, it only takes 20 minutes to Kenting by car, which cuts down on travel time. In addition, because it is located in the southern-most point in Taiwan, Pingtung is far from urban areas and lacks medical facilities. Through the expansion of air routes , the accessibility and connections between remote and urban areas can be improved and the need for emergency medical systems can be fulfilled. Opening the Hengchun airport , a sightseeing-oriented airport, will also ease the traffic along Ping-O Highway and fulfill the need for better transportation systems for emergency medical care. Providing tourism businesses and the people of Southern Pingtung County with convenient transportation, also means facilitating local sightseeing development, easing traffic conditions and improving local living standards.


The Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Communications has invested a total of NT$ 539 million to handle drainage, runway, aprons, road systems, parking lots, terminal towers, staff quarters, pipelines and miscellaneous projects, to built Hengchun Airport as  a leisure and sightseeing function airport.

Hengchun Airport can provide more secure, convenient and comfortable high-quality air transport services to meet the needs of the public travel.