Airport Introduction

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In order to develop tourism, industry resources, and support the ˇ§National Development ProgramˇX2008 Double the Tourism Numbers Program" by the Executive Yuan, re-construction and re-opening of the Hengchun Airport will bning new opportunities for sightseeing in the Southem-most point of Taiwan. This sightseeing-oriented airport will be completed by early 2004.
Hengchun airport introduction Kenting National Park is the most famous tourist spot in Pingtung and also the most-frequently visited national park, with over 6 million visitors per year. The Ministry of the Interior plans to expand the tourist area to Hengchun Peninsula, making it a hub of sightseeing and recreation. Nowadays, with the improvement of living standards, the needs for travel and recreation have increased and the number of tourists to Hengchun area has also increased. Currently, visitors to Kenting have to land at Pingtung Airport and take a 1.5 hour train ride or longer through Fang-liao to Kenting. If transferring from Hengchun Airport, which is only 10 minutes from the well-known Museum of Marine Biology ˇ® Aquarium , it only takes 10 to 15 minutes by car, which cuts down on travel time. In addition, because it is located in the southern-most point in Taiwan, Pingtung is far from urban areas and lacks medical facilities. Through the expansion of air routes and improvement in airport facilities, the accessibility and connections between remote and urban areas can be improved and the need for emergency medical systems can be fulfilled. Opening the Hengchun airport will also ease the traffic along Ping-O Highway and fulfill the need for better transportation systems for emergency medical care. Providing tourism businesses and the people of Pingtung County with convenient transportation, also means facilitating local sightseeing development, easing traffic conditions and improving local living standards.

The number of tourists to Hengchun is 6 million people per year.The number of tourists to Hengchun is 6 million people per year. In the future, Pingtung County will have the Pingtung Airport and the Hengchun Airport. With the opening of Haikou Port in CheCheng, the extension of the South Link Railway to Hengchun Peninsula, and the establishment of a sightseeing light railway, Pintung County will become a sightseeing hub with the most convenient traffic network.

The completion of Hengchun Airport, estimated to be the end of 2003 and the opening of two Taipei-Hengchun and Taichung-Hengchun air routes, is expected to bring in 170,000 people/year in 2016 and 50 mid-sized passenger aircraft with a landing speed of less than 10 to 20 miles. Air parking ramps will accommodate three mid-sized aircrafts. Mandarin Airlines, TransAsia Airways and Uni Air, have all agreed to operate here. The total construction cost is around NT$ 539,000,000.

The Pintung County Government is also planning a planning to provide a shuttle bus service to pick up/drop off passengers in Kenting in 10-min intervals. The bus stop will show the arrival time of the shuttle bus, which will ease passenger anxiety while waiting.